Saturday, December 15, 2012

Quick Christmas Gifts

Happy Saturday Everyone,

I hope you are all getting into the gift giving season.  Well, the weather outside is frightful, more like blah, rainy and not too cold.  Had a great morning celebrating family members birthdays with a fun day out for breakfast.

As most of you know I love to make things for gifts for all my family members. Granted jewelry has not been a great gifts for the guys in my life, but one day I will figure something out for them.  As for the ladies, I try to make something special for them.  One year I did a unique bracelet for each person.  The next year I decided that I didn't have that much time to create something different for everyone, so I used a pattern that I got from a class that I took at Beadin' Mon! and made different colored projects.  That worked our real well. Not only did each person get a pretty project, I was able to customize the color to the recipients favorite color scheme, yet I was also able to quickly make them up.

Last year I was lucky enough to see, and make a beautiful Crystal AB tree pendant.  Oh my goodness, it is gorgeous.  I had many comments on it.  So this year when I stopped by Beadin' Mon! I found a selection of beads to create 3 other different trees. I got all my beads, findings and a mini instructional demonstration.  I can always use a refresher when it comes to wrapping the wires for the bails. I must say I am finally getting better at it.  As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.  But, I think I still need some more practice.

I made these cuties up during a movie (a Christmas one of course). Super easy, quick and a thoughtful gift for almost anyone on your list.  Just stop by Beadin' Mon! for all your supplies. Until next time, have a great week and Happy Beadin'

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pattern Project

Hello everyone,

I can't believe another weekend is ending so soon.  Time is just flying by, and I have so much to do.  I still haven't done any of my ornaments and I fear I won't get them done for this year.  Again, this year I have waited to long to start my projects.  I will at least get a few done, just not as many as I had hoped. I guess I should start next years gift making on January 1st, that should be enough time (I hope). :)

While I was cataloging all my magazines last week, I came across a few projects that I really wanted to make, and that was the reason I bought the magazine in the first place.  And at the time I purchased the magazine I didn't know how to do some of the techniques that were needed to complete the project.  

After working with beads for at least a few years now, I decided to give one of those patterns a try.  Here is the one I chose this week. 

I didn't  have the exact supplies called for, but I did have some nice substitutes that I could use.  I am pretty happy with the outcome. But, during it's construction I seriously thought about changing the design.  While I was playing with bead layout, I came up with a few designs of my own.  I was hoping to have that ready for you today, but I was lucky enough to get the first bracelet done. 

While working on the project, I followed the pattern to a T and didn't even think about it's final length until it was too late.  When I first started it did fit, but when I added the outside edge beads, it tightened up the stitching and made the bracelet a little short, just a bit to small. So to remedy that problem I decided that I am going to add a few jump rings to the one end, guess that now makes it adjustable. 

I wanted to say thanks to all the Beadin' Mon! staff. Without your guidance and classes over the last few years, I wouldn't have been able complete a project of this difficulty.  This project did take some time, but I was able to read the pattern and complete the necessary stitches. 

Remember if you need any supplies such as fireline, needles, seed beads, crystals or findings, to name a few, stop by Beadin' Mon! in Flint, Michigan.  Be sure to check out their online store at

On that note, I must get going, another project is waiting in the wings to get started on.  Until next time, Have a great week and Happy Beadin'

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ornament 2012

Happy December Everyone,

Several weeks ago I mentioned I wanted to start making some beaded ornaments for family and friends.  I had the bulbs and I have a good selection of beads to play with.  All I needed was a pattern.

It didn't occur to me that hey, Christmas is only 5 weeks away when Thanksgiving happened.  Boy, how the time flies. Recently I was looking at a calendar and that's when it hit me, I still had to figure out what my ornament was going to be. And make them.  I am hoping that this year I might actually finish a project that I started instead of having to abandon my original idea and go purchase a small gift.  Don't you think that a hand made item, is just so much more. Well, when you have time to do so right?

Well, I started searching the Internet for a pattern that was inexpensive and easy to follow and of course was pretty.  As I sat here looking at the computer monitor I got to thinking, "I think I already have some of these patterns here in my home.  Why buy them again if I already have them?"  Patterns were selling for about $4 and the magazine cost about $6 to begin with.

So with the few ornament designs that I liked in mind, I pulled out all my bead magazines that I owned and started my search for "Ornament 2012".  Now that I have found a few of the patterns, the hard part is choosing which cool ornament to make. I better get my beading needles in gear, only 24 days left and counting.  

With that in mind, today's tip is to catalog your library of magazines.  That way you don't purchase a pattern that you already have on hand. :) The possible patterns that I was considering mentioned what magazine and what issue it was from.  And while I was entering information, I discovered I actually had duplicates on a couple magazines.  Oops.

A collection of my holiday themed magazines
complete with  patterns.
I made a list of all the different magazines that I already owned.  The information that I included was the magazine title, Issue # and any notes that I might want to know for future use such as;  a project that you wanted to try or a gift idea.  After I was done logging the information, I then put each magazine title in it's own pile and put them all away in an organized fashion.  So now, I will be able to look up quickly if I already have the pattern in question.

Once I decide which ornament pattern to use I may have to stop by Beadin' Mon! in Flint, MI and pick up coordinating beads to go with my projects.  If you can't stop by the shop, remember you can always shop virtually at the Beadin' Mon's online shop at

Well, I hope this tip was helpful.  I know it definitely helped me.  Not only did I find a few of the ornament patterns I was looking for, I also found a pattern for a festive bracelet that I wouldn't mind trying.  On that note, I must retire for the night.  Have a fabulous week and as usual Happy beadin' :)