Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bead Needles have tiny eyes.

Look at the the wonderful things we can make using needle and thread, things such as quilts and clothing. Why not use it with beading you can make some pretty cool and gorgeous projects with them.

There are a number of different stitches that can be done with beading.  I have yet to master them, but I do enjoy a challenge.  I must warn you though, I have heard that not everyone likes this type of beading.  With me it all depends on what my mood is.  Somedays I feel like stitching, and other days I want to sculpt using wire and yet other days I just want to string a simple necklace.  The stitching part of beading reminds me of my mom, she loved to sew, and so I think of her when I get out my needles.

I actually have three different lengths of needles in my toolbox, a short one (1"), medium one (2") and a long one (3-1/2").  I prefer the medium length and use it the most because it just feels more comfortable to me than the others.   You must also know that bead needles are different than sewing needles.  The eye is within the needle and the needle doesn't graduate in size, it remains small so it may fit through small beads. Which means the eye is small, so I recommend a needle threader if you have one.  I broke mine, so I couldn't show you one. Guess I don't know my own strength. :)

Here is the selection of needles that I use.

A close up of the beading needle, with a tiny tiny eye.

You can get your needles and beads you may need from Beadin' Mon! Stop by the store in Flint, Mi or check out the online store at  The possibilities are endless once you know get to know the stitches, and there are a lot of them to know. I will touch on those in upcoming posts, so check back often.   But the best way to learn the stitches is with hands on instruction in one of the many wonderful classes offered.  Check out the classes we have available at this link, Classes.  Hope to see you soon until then - Happy Beading.

Monday, March 26, 2012

I love Classes

I love Classes, I love learning about new things, in this case it's about making these cool little bracelets using a new product. I guess you could call me the forever student (shhh, don't tell my husband that).

At Beadin' Mon! we always have small class sizes so that each member has the opportunity to interact with the teacher.  All the teachers are very nice, and will help you if you ask.  Don't be afraid to ask questions, many times more than one person has the same concern.  I find this true in almost every part of my life.  I used to be very shy, and it took me a long time to figure that out.  And anyway that is why your here, to have your questions answered. And... well, maybe meet new people, see friends and just have fun.

This was a great class for me, I got to refresh my skills in making wrapped loops.  When it comes to wrapped loops, I can always use a refresher course. :)  Thanks Debbie for all your help.

 Another reason I love classes is because you can see all the color combinations that other people come up with for the project. In this class we got to choose from two different kits, silver and blue or gunmetal and black.  And boy they were both pretty.  But, image all the color combinations you could come with for your project.  The possibilities are endless.

Mumbo Jumbo Class in progress.  Thanks to the ladies in
the afternoon class for letting me take this photo.

And we get to try out new tools.  For that class we were trying out the new "Chain Sta".  This is a great product, it is so helpful for making bracelets, necklaces or anklets. And its available for purchase at Beadin' Mon!, get yours today. (Its a handy little dodad, wish I had thought of it.)

Here is my bracelet in progress. I still have a lot of work to do on it.

So check out all the new classes posted at under the classes button.  There are a wide variety of classes available from stringing, wire working and stitching.  And they are all very pretty, it is tough for me to decide which class to do next.  Remember, to stop by our shop in Flint, MI or browse our online store at the above link.  I hope to see you soon in one of our many classes until then Happy Beading. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The look of Diamonds

As promised here is a photo of the ring I made yesterday.  I love the way it looks, and I feel like a million bucks, but better because I didn't spend a million bucks.  Yay!

Okay please forgive the image, it just doesn't do it justice. You just can't see any of the sparkle that bounces off of the little swarovski crystals.  I did, however, get compliments on the ring at work today, they saw it from across the room. (Don't you just love that?)  Remember, the supplies used to make this ring were really easy to use.

Give it a try. Stop by Beadin' Mon! and get your supplies today.  I love my ring and know I will wear it alot. Have a great weekend and see you again on Monday.  Happy Beading.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Making the look of Diamonds

I have to show you this.  I just got home from a class at Beadin' Mon! where we made these really pretty pendants, earrings and rings that look just like diamonds.  I opted for the ring.

After a little explanation from the teacher I got to try my hand at putting together my project.  The supplies were so easy to use. On recommendation of the teacher I have to wait for the ring to cure overnight, before  I can clean it up and show you the finished result.  I can't wait, the sample pieces were so sparkly, I hope my turns out just as good.  Because I can't wait till next week, I will post a finished photo tomorrow.

So until tomorrow, I thought I would show you the supplies it took to make this fabulous ring. I had to have the two-part epoxy clay and different size crystals or chatons.  And of course I had to have my ring base.  There are so many things to choose from, earrings, pendants, probably could even fashion a bracelet using a component made of these supplies.  And all these supplies are available from Beadin' Mon! There are so many possibilities. The ideas are just flying out of my head.  (I better write them down, lest I forget.)

If you would like to try this technique and product out, be sure to contact Beadin' Mon! and let them know you want to sign up for the class.  You can reach them by phone at 810-720-9200 for more information. Or stop by the store, while you're there you can check out all our new projects for April. Another option is to visit our website at  or even browse our new online store.  Hope you come back tomorrow when I post my finished project, until then, Happy Beading.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Going to the Opera?

So far I have showed you what a Princess and Matinee length necklace looks like.  Here is the another length of necklace that I have made.  It is much longer, and I know many people who like this length.

This length is called opera.  I am wondering how these lengths get their names.  I am guessing, because at one time it was popular to wear them to the opera? Hmmm and guess what? After a little research, I found that this length of necklace was most popular at one time to wear to formal events. Which answers my question about its name.

Now that I satisfied my curiosity, the opera necklaces range between 28" to 32" in length. I like that with this length you have versatility.  You can wear it long, or you can wrap it around your neck a couple times to make it look like a double strand choker, princess or matinee necklace.  I have done this and I love being able to wear it in different ways.  Makes me feel like I have two necklaces for the price of one.

This is one that I made when I first started beading with some beads that I had lying around.  These beads are made of glass, but I can envision one being made from gemstones or crystals. How pretty would that be? I can see them now.

In fact, stop by Beadin' Mon! today to pick up supplies to make your own opera style necklace.  There are plenty of pretty beads to choose from or stop by our online store at  Wouldn't you love to get beads in the mail?  Well, hope to see you next time, but until then, happy beading!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Before learning about jewelry design, I had no idea that there were so many classifications to lengths of necklaces. To me they were short and long.  :) Today I wanted to  show you what a matinee length looks like.  According to all the beading books and internet sources I looked at, matinee length is about 20" to 24" long.

But the curiosity got a hold of me. So, I looked up the meaning of "Matinee" and according to my computers dictionary, it comes from the french word meaning "morning".  Okay, that didn't help.  So then I searched the internet for the origin of this necklace length.  The only thing that I found was a lot of reference to strings of pearls. Which apparently this length of necklace was most commonly used.  I don't think that still goes for today's standards though, but you never know I could be wrong. :)

Looking around to see if I had a necklace with this qualification, I started measuring.  I think this is a matinee length project, the necklace itself is about 22" in length. According to my research, you don't include the pendant in the length.  But I will check into that some more and let you know for sure.

Here is a photo of my necklace.  This project includes gemstones, silver findings, project leftovers and a lot of reclaimed beads that friends gave me from broken necklaces, watches, etc.  Little treasures find their way to you when people know you make jewelry.  So very fun, you never know what kind of goodies will come your way.  And this is what I made.

If you would like to purchase some gemstone strands for your special projects, stop by Beadin' Mon! and check out the selection.  Lots of pretty little beads are just waiting for you to take them home.  Be sure to shop our new online store at  And as always happy beading.

Monday, March 12, 2012

NEW Craft Wire

If you love to work with sterling silver but had to put it on hold due to the cost of silver, then check this out!  I just found out today that there is craft wire that looks just like that of square and half round sterling silver wire.  How cool it that? Now you can have the look of silver without the cost AND it doesn't tarnish, even better.

Beadin' Mon! even has a class all ready to go using these great products.  
Its called Centerline Crystals. Isn't it pretty?  

You can make this beauty, this week.  Thursday to be exact.  Join our class at Beadin' Mon! and learn how to work with the wire, giving it sparkle and shine. Call our store at 810-720-9200 to get details and sign up.  Pictures don't do the project justice, so if you can, stop by the shop to view them in person. You will fall in love. And there are many more projects to choose from too, from stitching to stringing to wire working. Or stop in, even if you just need a few supplies. We are always happy to help. And as always, browse our website, now with online shopping, at

I am so excited, now I can return to my "silver" wire working again. Join me again on Wednesday to chat some more about beading and jewelry making, until then happy beading.

Please note that our projects are copyrighted.

Friday, March 9, 2012

What are we designing?

Hello again, I have been sharing some projects that I have done and some tips too.  But I got to thinking, what are we designing?  When I learn a new technique I am usually making bracelets.  So as you can image, I have a lot of bracelets.

But, What if you would like to make a necklace.  There are a lot of decisions to this.  How long do you want to make it? What technique do you want to use?  What color combinations?  Is it casual or dressy?  And the list of questions keeps going.

I have made a few necklaces. I usually wear what is called an princess length necklace. This means it is between 17-19" long (I usually make mine 18" long, that's just what I am comfortable with).  It is one step down from a choker, which is tight to the neck.  That is another great thing about making jewelry, you can make it to the size you like.

I didn't have a regular jewelry display that I felt properly showed the length of the necklace.  Then I remembered I had my mom's dress form, which shows the length pretty good.

This is a necklace that I made with the focal being this beaded ball in the center.  I like symmetry, which means it's the same on both sides, so I have matching crystals and seed beads making up the necklace portion of the piece.  I mostly wear this in the summer, because I feel like its light and airy, and the colors remind me of the ocean with the white foam on the water.  Ahhh, can't wait for it to be warm.

Anyway, if you like the beaded ball above, I made it in a class at Beadin' Mon! located in Flint, Michigan or visit our website at Be sure to check out (and sign up for) all the wonderful and beautiful things to make in their classes.  As always, if you don't see what you are looking for, make a suggestion and it may end up in the class section soon. And don't forget to shop our new online store, what could be better than beads by mail (that is other than being in the store)?  :)  Hope you have a marvelous weekend, don't forget to spring ahead (time change) and hope to see you on Monday.  Happy beading.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Working with Glass

Ahhh, spring is in the air.  It was so nice today we had the windows open.

Last night I went to our area Bead Society meeting, and we had a guest speaker who taught us about glass bead making.  It was very interesting.  In fact it reminded me of the glass fusing class that I took at Beadin' Mon.  In class, we didn't use any torches, but had a great time in learning about working with glass.  Although it was fun picking out the elements and putting them together, I know I still have a lot to learn on this subject.

These are the pieces that I did in the class. The one on the left we learned about these sheets of glass, how to snip it into shapes and put it on a backer.  The teacher than took it and fired it to finish the glass portion of the project. We also learned how to do a little stitching work using seed beads to make a bezel to complete the look.

The one on the right is where we learned about 14kt gold decals and how to adhere them to the glass. The teacher also took this one and fired too.  I then purchased a gold bail and glued it on the back using jewelry glue. String it on a simple gold necklace and viola, a cute little addition to my jewelry collection.  I love it simplicity.

I think both pieces turned out really nice.  In an upcoming posting I am going to start sharing some information on the stitching of jewelry making.  This is fun and I always think of my mom the seamstress when I do it.  It seems like she always had a needle and thread in her hands.

If you are in need of seed beads, bails, chain or any findings in general, keep Beadin' Mon! in mind.  We have lots to choose from.  If you are unable to get to the store, check out our new shopping area on our website at  And remember if you have an idea for a class make a suggestion and you may just see it on the calendar.  Happy beading until friday when we meet again.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Welcome to another week of beading. Clasps, they have a pretty important job. They keep all our pretty beads in place around our necks, wrists, ankles and any other way you can think of to use clasps.

There are many kinds of clasps for you to choose from and in many different metals to meet your every need. Clasps can be plain functional or they can part of the design.  It all depends on what you are wanting to create. I have a few here that are simple and do the job, and others have that complete the theme of the project like the Heart Toggle Clasp below.  There are so many designs to choose from.  Here is a small sampling of the types of clasps that are available.

Here is the types of clasps that you see:
A:  Toggle - The bar portion is inserted through the part the has an opening.
B:  Lobster Claw -  Pull the lever to open the arm on the clasp, very common.
C:  Box -  Pinch the insert to slide out of the box.
D:  Slide Lock - "Slide" the two parts apart or pull one end away from the other to open.
         This one is available to have many strands on them, I have a 2 strand and 3 strand shown.
E:  Button: The circle portion is snapped over top of the ball portion. 

I also use magnetic clasps in some of my projects too.  Unfortunately I couldn't locate one that wasn't attached to a project. 

Stop by Beadin' Mon! to see the selection that we carry and pick up your favorites.  Or stop by our website to check out our classes and the beads we now sell online at  Thanks for stopping by and see you on Wednesday.  Until then, happy beading.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Beads of a Necklace

This week I wanted to focus on beads in general, but I realized that I didn't mention seed beads.   Seed beads are the tiny little beads that you use to sew together in patterns to make gorgeous designs.  I will touch on these in upcoming posts. These little guys may seem insignificant, but when grouped together they can make beautiful things.  See the beaded bead in my photo below, the seed beads are the little gold beads that encircle the bigger burgundy beads.

I am going to show you a necklace that I made for my sister in law for her birthday.  She loves natural stones like jasper and turquoise.  I found this turquoise pendant and instantly thought of her. Plus, I had also learned how to make a beaded bead. So like any kid with a new toy I set out to make a new creation and this is what I came up with.

Using the turquoise pendant as my starting point, I played off of the golden flecks that I saw in the pendant.  I then chose the warm burgundy stones to compliment the cool color tones of the turquoise.  I sprinkled the turquoise color throughout the necklace to keep your eye moving down the necklace.  I used three types of jasper.  Sorry I don't know their names right off, still learning my stones (there is so many different kinds).  The more you work with something the better you get to know it.  And I used different sizes to help create interest.  And because I love sparkle, I had to add a little in using a few golden colored swarovski crystals.  I also used a few gold spacer beads to play off of the crystals and a gold clasp that reminded me of the sunset.

I hope you liked my creation as much as my sister in law. I had fun designing and making it. I mentioned I like to try new things, but every now and then I return to my good friend of jewelry making, good ol' standby stringing.

I got all my beading supplies for this project from Beadin' Mon!  They have a variety of beads and supplies for you to pick and choose from so stop by and browse the selection.  If you are unable to get to the store, try our website at  There is so much to see, classes that are being offered, tips and now we even sell some beads and they can be shipped directly to you.  How great is that?

Have a fabulous weekend and until Monday, happy beading!