Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bead Stash Project

Hello again everyone,

Sorry to be a day late again.  I went to a family party and we stayed out longer than I thought we were going to be.  With the nice weather, it's good to spend time with family.

Now to spend time with my beading family.  I recently stopped by Beadin' Mon! to pick up a few supplies.  While I was there I checked out the new classes on the door.  And as a special treat I got to see some of the finished pieces of the students of a class that was going on.  I think it's so fun and amazing to see how each persons take on a project can come out with so many different versions. Just small changes like the focal bead and the shape of the stylized end can put your twist on a design.  By the way the class was "Hammered", see the  page to see the design.  I think I'll have to sign up for that one once it's offered again.

Remember I once told you to build up your Bead stash.  Well, I looked through mine a little while ago and I decided to make a necklace with my stash supplies. I just love the look of Pink with silver.  So pretty.

At first I made the center part with the crystals on it using just regular beading wire.  But when I put it all together I didn't like the flimsiness of it.  So I took it apart and decided to make the crystal section with wire and then wire wrapped ends.  Attaching beading wire to the wrapped wire ends, I then strung on the silver noodle pieces and added some sparkle in the back with crystals.  The crystals on the clasp end serves double duty.  It puts pretties on the back of the neck (in case you wear your hair up) and it made the necklace a little longer. I then did another trial run.  Liking the arrangement,  I then formed the center crystal section to a nice shape and finished off the necklace by adding the clasp pieces.

Don't you just love to play with sparkly stuff?  I sure do, bad thing is then I want to keep them all and I already have a lot of sparkles to wear.  Keeping them all may make hubby a little upset, he already says I have too much.  :)  But, my thought is you can never have too much.  But I probably should release some of  the little worn pieces out into the world so it is enjoyed by all instead of in my dark jewelry box.

Well, hope you enjoyed my stash project.  I hope you are able to build a pretty jewelry piece from your stash of beads and findings.  But in the case where you don't have a stash, you can always stop by Beadin' Mon! or the online store ( to pick up your supplies.

Until next time, Happy Beadin'

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