Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Adventure in Beading

Hi everyone,  sorry about missing my post day yesterday.  With the holiday weekend festivities, work power outages and spring cleaning of my house, I realized as I dozed off to sleep last night that I forgot to write to you.

With that said, I hope you all had a fabulous holiday.  The 4th is my Dad's birthday which was steamy hot here and a perfect day to have a pool party.  While we were "partying" I talked with a family friend,  in which she asked me a while back to design a few jewelry pieces for her to sell on her website.

In the past few years I have purchased many books with instructions on how to make beautiful pieces.  But did you know that all those project books have copyrights on them.  Yup, you are not allowed to make these pieces to sell, unless you have permission of the artist.  That goes for classes that you take also. Which I understand, the artist wants to get paid for their designs.  I would want compensation for my creativeness too. All the time, creativeness, supplies and color selection - it all adds up.

So to be safe, I am starting out my new adventure of making jewelry to sell by doing some simple stringing designs.  Which right now I am happy to do, I think this type of beading is very relaxing once I get my design layout done.  Now I just have to get my beads together and figure out pricing.  And I think I may copyright my work too. 

Here is a bracelet that I made using beads
that I collected many years ago.  Turned out
kind of cute, don't you think?

I think most of my designs will be Swarovski crystal related work, I just love the sparkle.  To make sure I get the number of beads I need, I placed a special order with Beadin' Mon!  If you need a certain quantity or color of bead, contact Beadin' Mon! and place your order.  Or feel free to shop our online store front at  Well, hope you have a fantastic summer day and until next time, Happy Beadin'

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