Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer is Here

Summer is here, which means lots of things to do.  A time to for special events like weddings, pool parties and just hanging out with friends.  Summer is also a time to do things in the house such as painting a room (ahh a fresh coat of paint just brings new life to a room). And sometimes summer is going through all that "stuff" that just seems to come out of nowhere and then having a garage sale to let it all go.

But my favorite part about summer is vacation time. When I was young and my family went on vacation I would alway bring back a souveigner.  I still do that, but now I usually get a magnet for my refrigerator and/or lapel pins.  And since I started beading I sometimes find myself picking up some sort of bead element from my destinations.  So when I work that element into a project, it reminds me of that trip, so it is a souveigner that keeps giving back.  This could be anything, a stone you found on the beach that you might wire wrap, a pendant made from a bottle cap or even just a few cool beads that you may come across.

My beads from Traverse City, MI.
I had never seen beads like these and thought they were cool looking. They had a few different colors but I choose these cool blue ones because they reminded of the blue water of the bay.

Once I have my travel beads, I stop by Beadin' Mon to add the perfect accent beads and finding.  I recommend that you shop Beadin' Mon! too.  But, if by chance you can't make it to the actual store, you can shop our online site at and have them shipped to you.  How fabulous is that.  So if you happen to be or go on vacation, they will be waiting for you when you get home.

Hope you find lots of inspiration and until next time, Happy Beadin' and happy summer.

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