Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I just love Pearls

Oops, sorry this is a day late.  Had a lot going on yesterday and I just didn't think about writing.  So here I am a day late.

The last few days I have seen lots of news stories, movies and ads about special occasions.  The biggest event for Great Britain is the Queen's Jubilee.  How exciting it must be to be able to celebrate such an accomplishment.  I also have been seeing a lot of commercials for Wedding dresses and even watched a movie that revolved around a wedding. Both of these events make me think of Pearls.

Before we could make a pearl, they were considered rare and worth a lot of money.  Only the rich could afford to own such a beautiful thing.

Pearls are so lovely.  Isn't it a wonder that something so beautiful could be made by a small living thing.  The price of a pearl can be very expensive.  I found a piece of jewelry that I really liked when we went to Vegas.  It was a Tahitian black pearl on a silver flower bracelet, mmmm just lovely, but unfortunately if way out of my budget.

But wait, we can still get the look of those fabulous expensive pearls for much less.  A budget saver for me anyway.  And these budget friendly substitutes are made by Swarovski. They are Swarovski Crystal Pearls.  And to make our jewelry making easier, they offer a wide range of colors and sizes. I have purchased several sizes of Cream pearls and some small Midnight blue pearls from Beadin' Mon!  The are very pretty.

Here is a pattern from Beadin' Mon that I finished that uses these lovely little pearls.
This project uses a technique called netting.  Unfortunately, I haven't quite gotten the hang of netting yet.  But having my pattern, I was able to finish my project.  I just haven't figured out how to incorporate this technique into my own designs yet.  Eventually, it'll come.

Like I mentioned earlier I got these lovely little pearls at Beadin' Mon!  I also was able to pick up the autumn colors of seed beads and an easy to wear magnet clasp too.  Pick up your next strand of inexpensive Swarovski Pearls and other supplies you may need to make your next project by stopping in to the shop or visit our website www.beadinmon.com.  Hope to see you again tomorrow, until then Happy Beadin'

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