Sunday, September 16, 2012

Save the Broken

Hello Again,

I have been so busy, and I'm not even going to school now.  If you stopped by yesterday, I am sorry I missed you.

Friday morning I got up and was finishing my outfit with all my sparkly things when my inexpensive bracelet broke and beads hit the floor.  I was sad, although the bracelet was only $3 when I bought it I just loved the way they sparkled in the light.  And it went with my outfit really well.  Needless to say I cleaned up what I could find, I think I only lost a few, and tucked them away.

So here is my tip for this weekend. If you ever have a broken piece of jewelry--Save it.  You may be able to use it, or pieces of it in another project. If you don't plan on getting it fixed or you aren't into making jewelry, you can donate or sell them to people who do.  I am into recycling, in fact I have made projects using these pieces.  And I have more pieces that are sitting waiting for their debut as a new piece of jewelry.  All my friends and coworkers know I make jewelry and have given me some of their pieces.  And I thank them kindly, I even show them what I have made using their donation when I have used them.  It's fun.

So here are some photos.  The green one below is the one that I broke this week.
The cross necklace uses silver spacer beads that were given to me by a friend/coworker.  They were originally from a broken beaded watch.  Don't they just look lovely here, complimenting the silver used within the necklace.  And I even used some short pieces of salvaged wire to make the dangles that are sitting on the cross.

So the next time a piece of jewelry breaks, make sure to save it and use it in a future project.  If you need beads to go with your salvaged beads, stop by Beadin' Mon!  and they'll be happy to help you pick out the perfect compliment to your piece.  Remember, if you can't make it into the shop you can check out our online store at

Thanks for reading, have a great week and until next time, Happy Beadin!

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