Sunday, September 30, 2012

Write it down

Hello again everyone,

I was invited by a friend to go and see Art Prize 2012 in Grand Rapids Michigan yesterday.

I had a great time and saw many wonderful pieces of art, and some not sure what they are pieces. But everyone is entitled to their idea of art and that goes for making jewelry too.  It is a way to express yourself.  And the good thing is we can be inspired by others artwork and I may inspire someone elses artwork. After viewing those pieces I just wanted to come home and create something.  Don't you just love that feeling?

I love to create.  And I have tried many different things.  Jewelry making is my favorite so far and there are so many ways to create jewelry. I seem to jump between stringing and stitching, but there is also working with wire, clay and many other types of jewelry.  Many of which I haven't tried yet - maybe one day.

So at Art Prize, many of the artist had photos of the process of making their art and/or explanations to what they were feeling and trying to express. That could go to jewelry making too, since our jewelry choices usually express something about us or the wearer if it was something purchased.

So here is a handy tip - write down what supplies you use for a project when you are making it and include a photo if you can.   I have found this out from experience.  See I have lost two  different pairs of earrings that I loved (they're together somewhere) one I had a photo of and other I am gonna have to go by memory.  It is much easier to write it down when working on it then having to figure out exactly what color or size was used. Since I started to make a few pieces to sell, I went back and wrote all my supplies down.  Then when I go to recreate it or is inspired to make another similar or coordinating project I don't have to guess - I just look it up in my recipe book (for lack of a better term). It has already come in handy, especially if the original project was a gift that you made for someone or a favorite pair of earrings that you have lost (I am still bummed about that). Sometimes its hard to determine sizes or even color when looking  a photo. At least I think so.

Beadin' Mon! has prepared many classes of various mediums.  A few deal with wire, or stitching or even jump rings and beads.  Click on this link to see what featured classes on on the roster for the month of October.  Remember even if you don't make jewelry there is always a good variety of finished pieces for you to choose from or you may even have special pieces hand crafted just for you.   That always makes you feel special.

Well off to another week of work and play.  And until next time, be inspired and Happy Beadin'

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