Sunday, September 9, 2012

Something New

Hello Again Everyone,

Sorry this is a day late.  I can't believe summer has ended, pool parties are coming to a close and school has begun. But for my last weekend of summer, Labor Day Weekend, my family and I went up north to walk the Mackinac Bridge.

We drove up on Sunday afternoon so we could drop by some of our favorite places. One of which is "The Cross in the Woods", here is the link in case you want to check it out.  It is great thing to see, it is very large, beautiful and peaceful in all ways.  It stands out in the open air.  There is also an indoor sanctuary for wetter weather.  In addition visitors can stop by the souvenir shop and purchase any keepsake or religious item you may need.

For years I have been making jewelry as gifts for members of my family.  Recently, I have been wondering what kinds of different items I can make for them other than the usual earring, necklace, bracelet, etc.  Well, my step-mom is Catholic, so I have been thinking about making her a rosary.  After visiting the gift shop at the "Cross in the Woods" and seeing all the different Rosarys. They had many different kinds that used crystals, pearls, the usual size, and bigger ones too that could be used on a casket or to hang on a wall, and there was even smaller ones to hang in your car. So after seeing in person all the different ways a rosary could be, I have decided that I will make one for her.  She knows I was thinking about it for a time now (basically because I have been asking questions).

One day while shopping at Beadin' Mon! ( I purchased the center medal piece to begin my new project.  Sometimes it takes me awhile to put just the right elements together for a project.  So at the moment the metal sets by itself waiting for the remaining pieces to be purchased. 

I hope my trip up north and decision to try something new has inspired you to also try something new.  And to be inspired by places that you visit and are important to you.  Until next time I hope you have a great week and happy beadin'. 

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