Monday, October 22, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Inspiration

Hello all,

There are so many inspirations that are around us all the time.  I love to work with themes as my inspiration.  You could use holidays like Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day and even St. Patrick's Day to name a few.  Another inspiration could be seasons like summer, winter or fall like the "Leaf it Be" class scheduled at Beadin' Mon! later today.

For one of my last pieces I have made I chose the inspiration of "Breast Cancer Awareness" month. These are some simple earrings that I created using supplies that I got from Beadin' Mon! Remember to check out the variety at the shop, that's where I found these great little ribbon beads.

Remember to stop by the shop or visit our online store at for a great selection of beads.  And until next time, Happy Beadin'

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