Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oops - Have to redo!

Hello Again Everyone,

I learned the hard way this week a very important lesson. Luckily it's not gonna be that expensive to fix (this time) so I wanted to let you all know about a very important tip.

Here's the story.  A friend asked me to make a few pendants that she wanted to give away as Christmas gifts to her family.  I said no problem, so I made the pendants, gave them to her and everything was great.  She then bought some cording that she wanted to use as the necklace for the pendants I made.  She asked if I could do anything with it.  Again, I said no problem.

So I made her cords. She just wanted the cords to slip over their heads, so no clasp was needed.  I just attached the ends together with a jump ring.   At the time I didn't think to get the pendants back from her.  I took the cords to her and when I went to put the pendants on them I ran into a small problem.  :(   The bails on the pendants were too small to fit over the ends.  Oh no!  I told her I had to take the cords back (pendants too) and I would fix it.  Luckily she so okay and it wasn't a problem.

Like I said, this fix isn't that expensive this time.  So my lesson to you  ---- make sure to make your bails big enough to fit over the ends of your necklace.  That way you won't have to fix or redo your project.  Or have the pendants with you when creating the necklace.  Plus, after closer inspection, it's probably a good idea that I am replacing the end with a new one because if you look closer the hole in the end is just too close the the edge, which I fear is a weak spot and could break if the necklace was tugged on.

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Until the next time, everyone have a great week and Happy Beadin'.

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