Saturday, October 27, 2012

Steam Punk

Hello everyone,

I was watching a show last night about these homes that are decorated inside and out really funky.  They showcased one home and called it steam punk.  Okay, I really didn't know what "Steam punk" was.  Here is what I learned from the show.  Steam punk is taking something old and mixing it with something new.  For instance, they showed a really cool vintage wood burning stove (you know the really big ones that were probably made with cast iron) and they modified it.  What they did was removed the big burners on top and replaced it with a modern smooth glass gas stove top.  It looked really cool. Overall vintage look with the convenience of today.

After seeing that I got to thinking and was wondering what can I make that would be classified as steam punk?  Here are a few elements that I may try to work with.  I have some broken earrings, broken necklace, bracelet, a large locket that I picked up from an antique mall while on vacation (many years ago), pins, and pendants.  And this is precisely why I keep all my broken and miscellaneous pieces of jewelry. I even will look at garage sales to see if there is anything interesting I maybe able to use.

I think I may have a few contenders in this box of miscellaneous stuff. I thought this type of work always had to include wheels, gears and other pieces like from watch parts (or something along those lines), which I do not have at this time. I may try to come up with something anyway. Plus I have many beads, seed beads, clasps etc that I could use to complete my version of steam punk.  It may take awhile to find the perfect pieces to combine, so I will have to wait and see how it comes out. And I'll make sure to upload a photo when it is finished.

I will have to stop by Beadin' Mon! to see if there are any special one of kind beads that I may be able to combine for a unique piece.  If you are in the area be sure to check out the shop for a great selection of beads, findings and finished pieces too.  And as always if you are unable to stop by the store, check out the online store at 

Remember Holiday Season is just around the corner.  Have a great week and Happy Beadin'

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