Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beaded Ornament

Hello Everyone,

A few days ago my husband asked me to mend a rip in his coat.  So I got out the needle and thread and did my best at making this repair.  Granted it's not as great as my Mom would of done (she was a seamstress) but it didn't look all that bad.  A few days later another repair on a different item needed to be sewn together.  This one at least looked a bit better.

So I got to thinking.  It has been a while since I have done any stitching work.  I decided to look through my unfinished beading projects to see what I could find.  Being that Christmas is just around the corner, I chose a kit that I picked up from Beadin' Mon! last year during the Christmas Holiday Season.

Kits are great.  I like kits because a few reasons, first they usually contain all the necessary beads and instructions needed to complete a project.  Another reason I like kits is that you get to try out or practice a  new technique.  The only problem I can think of is if you get stuck you have to wait till you go into the shop and ask for help.

Here is my ornament that I created from a kit.  I think it turned out pretty good.  I had done this technique before, but it had been awhile, so it became a refresher course for me.  And I got to thinking about my ornaments that I wanted to make for my family members.  I may be able to create my own design instead of looking for a pattern to purchase.  Well, I will think about this a bit longer.

Remember when working on bead stitching projects: make sure your thread is not "hung up" on any portion of your project.  I did catch a few of these while making this, but luckily I noticed pretty early and was able to fix it with no problems.

Well, I hope your liked my Christmas Ornament kit.  Remember to stop by Beadin' Mon! for all your beading supplies.  Or shop our online store at  So during this holiday season, I hope you take time to create some holiday cheer.  Until next time, Happy Beadin'

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