Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Turquoise Earrings

I love ensembles or sets of jewelry.  If I get a necklace I want earrings and a bracelet to match - usually.  Sometimes it just doesn't happen.

So last week I showed you a great Turqiouse, black, copper and silver bracelet that I made at Beadin' Mon!  Well, to satisfy my ensemble craze, I made earrings to go with it.  I haven't gotten to the pendant yet, but I have a design in the works and hope to have it done soon.  Maybe this weekend I can get it made up.

When making the earrings, I didn't want them to as big as the bracelet was, but I still wanted the same feeling.  I like smaller earrings.  So instead of using the large copper bead, I opted for a smaller copper spacer bead.  This makes the earring smaller but still brings in the copper element that I was looking for.  I then continued to use the same turquoise and black beads as the bracelet, and to finish off the look I added the coil design as the bottom of my earring finding.

 When I shop for my beads I always get a few extra.  I do this so that I have enough in case I loose a few, or if I desire to, I can make coordinating pieces of jewelry.  I do have one more piece to make to finish out my set....the pendant.  I have the beads in my stash, just have to put it together. When I finish it I'll make sure to show you.

Remember to build up your bead stash, you can do this by stopping by the shop, Beadin' Mon on Miller Rd., Flint, MI or shop our online store at

Have a great evening, and until next time Happy Beadin'

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