Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mumbo Jumbo Update

I thought I would put a bonus update on the blog today.  So I'll make it super short and sweet.
In an earlier post, I showed you a bracelet that I have been working on.  Mumbo Jumbo.  It's a pretty blue and silver fringe bracelet.  I knew it would take some time, granted I haven't worked on it every day due to life stuff, you know work, housework, family functions etc.  But, I finally completed all my fringe elements and I'm really happy with the way they look.  Here they are waiting to be attached to the bracelet.  And because I always have to be different, (because this was a kit) I added another color to my elements.

When I'm done, I'll show you the finished bracelet.  I can't wait.  Maybe I'll be able to finish it this weekend.  Cross your fingers. :)

Happy Beadin' everyone.

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