Monday, April 2, 2012

Beading Thread

Welcome Back!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend and had time to create some gorgeous beaded projects.  I continued to work on my "Mumbo Jumbo" bracelet I showed you earlier.  I am happy to say I have all the fringe elements made, I just have to connect them to the bracelet.

Last week I shared some information about Beading Needles.  Today I wanted to share info on its partner the Beading Thread.  I have two different colors in my toolbox; Smoke for my dark colored projects and Crystal for my light colored projects.  

According to my research, Fireline is available in different weights much like wire is available in different gauges.  Each weight  has a different diameter and works well with certain beads.  Beadin' Mon! carries the largest weight available which is the most versatile, the 6lb test.  I have used this weight with crystals, seed beads and small gemstones.  It is very strong stuff and if I remember right, I think one of teachers told me cutting it with your wire cutters will dull them. So I also have in my toolbox, cutters that I use specifically for cutting Fireline.

Never used this product before? That's okay, let one of our teachers show you. Or take one of the many classes like the "Somebunny Loves You" class tomorrow (Tuesday, April 3rd) at 11:00 or 3:00. Or any of the great classes you see on the website.  I particularly like the "Looking Glass" project.  I love the colors and style, reminds me of days gone by - just beautiful.

Sign up for your stitching class today.  And purchase your seed beads, Swarovski crystals, gemstones or a variety of other fun and beautiful beads at Beadin' Mon!  And check back often since new supplies are constantly arriving.  View a small selection of available beads in our new online store at or stop by in person on Miller Rd, Flint

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