Monday, April 9, 2012

My first Beaded stitching technique

It's been a while since I have done stitching work, so I was looking through my book of patterns from classes that I took (at Beadin' Mon! - of course) and found out which project was my very first piece.  As I was flipping through my book, I discovered I apparently have a favorite stitch.  Funny the things you realize when your not even looking for that info.

My first stitching project was Even Count Peyote.  Now since I haven't done stitching in a little while, I had to refresh my memory.  I always had a hard time knowing what the difference was between even count, odd count and even what single drop and double drop peyote was.  After reviewing my notes and doing some research, I think I have it.  Please feel free to drop my line and let me know if I have it wrong.  :)  You can reach me at

Now onto Even Count Peyote.  What makes it even count is the number of beads you start the strand with, in this case I put 8 beads on (including the stop bead).  My illustration is a single drop, because you add one bead on at a time.  There are instances where you can do up to three drop, such as in my bracelet below (to go around the cubes).  Once you sting on your first beads and start the adding the next bead (dark brown), you have already made two rows. and what is bead 9 is starting the third row.  So beads 1, 3, 5 and 7 are row 1, beads 2, 4, 6 and 8 are row 2.  (I hope that was clear.)
Since I am a visual type person, I thought I might be able to draw you a picture to describe the steps.  I hope I got it right, I kind of confused myself when it came to the turns (adding additional rows).  The part I call the anchor loop is to lock all your beginning beads in place. Then you continue adding beads in your desired pattern until you have completed your project.

Close up of the end.
Notice - my beads are a little crooked in spots, this is because my tension was not the same all the way through the project.  Keeping your tension tight is important.  Remember this was my first attempt, and we have to start somewhere.  I can't tell you if I have improved with this stitch, since I only did it this one time.

First Stitching Project
Well, I hope I didn't confuse you and that this was helpful.  If you would like to see this stitch person or would like some more in depth instruction, stop in to the shop (Beadin' Mon!) and while your there check out all the new classes posted.  You can see the projects on our website too at Hope to see you again on Wednesday, until then Happy Beadin'.

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