Monday, April 16, 2012

Size that Bead

Have you ever found a baggie of beads (that you didn't label, because I'll know what size these are) and  later didn't know what size they where?  Well, that happened to me this weekend and I have a handy tool that could help you out.

The Bead Ruler.  Mine got a work out this weekend.  I decided to try (again) on organizing all my baggies of beads.  Some of the beads are left overs from earlier projects and I didn't write sizes down. Luckily I had the colors noted. So I worked on sizing my beads, placing my beads in containers and then labeling them for future use.  Turns out I have some favorite colors, Pacific Opal and Smoke Topaz are among my top colors. Now where to use them????

Anyway, back to my ruler. Like an ordinary ruler it has inches marked along the bottom and centimeters marked along the top.  (Have to honest here, I don't use the centimeters much.) Down the center of the ruler is the sizes of beads marked in millimeters with dots that match their label (this is the part I use the most).  Also noted underneath each "bead" is the approximate number of beads in an inch.  This is also helpful to help you figure out approximately how many strands of beads, or beads lined up next to each other, you might need for a project you are working on.  And the ruler also has a hole drilled in the one end for an easy storage option of hanging on a cork board, nail or wherever you choose.

To size a bead, you need only to hold the bead above the dot that matches its diameter. Easy!  And now you can organize, or purchase more beads if needed.

Here I have a 4mm bicone crystal.  Sorry about the glare from my flash.

So if you find yourself wondering "what size bead is this?" get yourself a bead ruler.  I love mine and use it often.  Stop by our store  Beadin' Mon! in Flint, Mi for yours today and while your there check out any of our other handy tools you may need. If beads is all you need - then check out our online store at  Until next time, happy beadin'

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