Monday, April 30, 2012

Take the guessing out of sizing

Last week I showed you a ring that I made by bending and wrapping wire.  Well, here is one of the tools that is used to make that project - the Ring Mandrel.

 It comes in very handy, not only do you use it to make a ring in a particular size but I have also used it to find out sizes of rings.  It's simple, simply slide your ring onto the Mandrel and the dash that it sits on is the size of the ring.  It's great to have a hand crafted ring made for you, you get to choose the perfect size for your finger. And need I say, a handcrafted ring makes an easy, inexpensive gift. And you can personalize them, need a 1/4 size no problem.

I have even had several friends ask to borrow my mandrel so they could figure out what size ring they wore.  It takes the guessing out of sizing, and that makes life easier.

Ring Mandrel

Close up of Ring Mandrel.  This ring is a size 7-1/2"

I got my Mandrel from Beadin' Mon! when I took the class.  But, you don't have to take the class to get the tools.  Stop by and pick up your beads, mandrel and inspiration at our Flint, Mi store called Beadin' Mon!.  Browse our class list and maybe take a peek at our online store at  Hope you try your hand at making rings.  And until next time, Happy Beadin'

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