Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Strengthen your Stitching Projects

Hello again, today I thought I share a great little tip for Beading Thread.

In an earlier post I mentioned the thread I use for beading, Fireline, is very tough stuff, BUT when you use crystals in your designs you could have a potential danger.  Crystals have sharp edges on them and could saw through the thread if precautions are not put into place.  I know this from experience, in which I still need to repair my piece. So, now I do this for any bead I use. I feel better just knowing it is protected.  

And that is to wax your thread.  I keep beading wax in my toolbox and use it whenever I do beaded stitching work.  It really does help by providing a protective coating to the thread. 

Its easy to do and only takes a moment.  Just take the length of thread for your project and lay over top of your wax and gently pull the thread through the wax.  And done.  You have just protected and strengthened your thread.

This one simple step could save you heartache, stop by Beadin' Mon! to pick up some for your tool box.  While your there check out the supplies, beads and classes available. You never know what goodies you may find.  We are located on Miller Rd in Flint, Mi or at on the world wide web.

Join me again as we explore the world of beading.  Until we meet again, Happy Beadin'

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