Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bead Needles have tiny eyes.

Look at the the wonderful things we can make using needle and thread, things such as quilts and clothing. Why not use it with beading you can make some pretty cool and gorgeous projects with them.

There are a number of different stitches that can be done with beading.  I have yet to master them, but I do enjoy a challenge.  I must warn you though, I have heard that not everyone likes this type of beading.  With me it all depends on what my mood is.  Somedays I feel like stitching, and other days I want to sculpt using wire and yet other days I just want to string a simple necklace.  The stitching part of beading reminds me of my mom, she loved to sew, and so I think of her when I get out my needles.

I actually have three different lengths of needles in my toolbox, a short one (1"), medium one (2") and a long one (3-1/2").  I prefer the medium length and use it the most because it just feels more comfortable to me than the others.   You must also know that bead needles are different than sewing needles.  The eye is within the needle and the needle doesn't graduate in size, it remains small so it may fit through small beads. Which means the eye is small, so I recommend a needle threader if you have one.  I broke mine, so I couldn't show you one. Guess I don't know my own strength. :)

Here is the selection of needles that I use.

A close up of the beading needle, with a tiny tiny eye.

You can get your needles and beads you may need from Beadin' Mon! Stop by the store in Flint, Mi or check out the online store at  The possibilities are endless once you know get to know the stitches, and there are a lot of them to know. I will touch on those in upcoming posts, so check back often.   But the best way to learn the stitches is with hands on instruction in one of the many wonderful classes offered.  Check out the classes we have available at this link, Classes.  Hope to see you soon until then - Happy Beading.

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