Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Creative on the Fly

Knowing, or at least having all the supplies on hand, makes it easy to improvise in a moment.  As a mentioned earlier in my blogs, I had taken a class on how to wrap a simple ring. So having the wire from that project made it easy for me to be creative on the fly.

Whenever I visit Beadin' Mon! I always check out to see what special and unique beads are in stock.  This is a bead that I picked up one day.  I loved the way the blue and silver interacted.  My problem came when I wanted to put it on a certain necklace that I have.  I thought it would look gorgeous.  Here's the problem; The hole in the bead was way too small for the necklace to go through. I was sad.

But I remembered my extra wire that I had from my ring class and decided to see if I could fix something up.  

The solution: Make a wire bail that would fit the necklace.  Okay, at first I thought "What a mess, it looks awful!"  But the more I looked at it, the more I liked the free form of the wire.  I must admit, I do need to clean up the end a bit, but other than that I decided to keep this bail.

Remember all those little skills, and supplies that you pick up will one day help come in handy, like making an adjustment to something like my bead.  So in the end, I was happy I got to wear my new gorgeous bead and I got to play with wire a bit in the process too.  You never know when you'll want to be spontaneous in beadin'  

Well, I hope you liked my little spontaneous wire bail and I also hope it inspires you to be creative on the fly.  Remember to check out all the local artist beads that are featured at the store, there are also some really cool ones.  It's so hard to chose, I just want to bring them all home. But, luckily for you I already have a few in my stash that I need to use. Stop by the shop or browse our online store at

Have a great day and until next time, happy beadin'.  

I think I'll go work on Mumbo Jumbo for awhile.  I haven't forgotten. :)

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