Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Making a Wrapped Loop

Welcome to Wednesday's entry.  Today I will attempt to show you how to make a wrapped loop.  Sorry for such a long entry, but I couldn't get the photos to line up the way I had hoped and I didn't want to make them to small to see.

There are two different types of loops. A loop and a wrapped loop.  The loop is simply wrapped around the pliers at the selected size and then cut off.  It has a gap between the base and the end.  I don't use this kind of loop very often because I have had my chain slip through the gap.

The wrapped loop is closed and uses a tail that closes the loop off.  I use these for earrings, bails and pretty much anything you can think of.

I suggest using some scrap wire to practice on first.  I had a hard time with this and only realized recently where I always go wrong.  I'm not sure if this is the correct way to make them, but this is what works for me.  Okay, here we go.

Place wire or headpin in your pliers at the selected
size and bend wire to 90 degrees.
Here I have repositioned my pliers so that the top
jaw is sitting on top of the wire.
Carefully pull the wire tail around the top jaw
(about 180 degrees where you started).
I again reposition the wire on my pliers by moving
it onto the bottom jaw.  Then carefully pull the tail
around the bottom jaw to complete your circle.
Once the circle has been completed, guide the tail
around the base wire a couple times, I usually like
to wrap it 2 or 3 times, but it's up to you. 
Once you wrap the tail around, clip off the excess wire.
Then gently squeeze the wrapped tail layers
together using your bent nose pliers.
Viola, you have just completed your first wrapped loop.  It took me a while to get the hang of this, and I feel I still need to practice this technique, especially when I haven't worked with wire findings in a while.  I try to remember that this technique is one of those where the old saying of "practice makes perfect" comes into play.

Thanks for stopping by to view how I wrap a wrapped loop.  I hope it was helpful.  Being a visual learner, I like to see photos to learn a new technique. The only thing better than photos is seeing it in person.  So if you need any wire or headpins, remember to stop by Beadin' Mon. And while you're there check out all the great classes.  The teachers are great and very helpful and the class sizes are small so you get a lot of one on one time.  And as a added bonus you meet and make new friends.
So until Friday, practice your loops and happy beading.

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