Friday, February 17, 2012

Wrapped loop bail

On Friday's I like to show you something I  have created using the technique and or tool that I feature for that week.

Well, last week I went to my Bead Guild meeting and got to work with a new idea. This project is called "Washer Wear" and I am very happy of the way it turned out.  I like the use of the two colors of crystals that I selected and the two different colors of metal, gold for the wire and silver for the washer.

On Wednesday, I showed you how to make a wrapped loop.  Notice the bail on this project, it is simply a wrapped loop, with at twist (Ha ha, that wasn't intended).  Instead of wrapping the wire around the pliers once, you do it twice and then finish at usual.  When done wrapping, gently pull the loops apart to create a beautiful simple bail.

I didn't have the exact sizes called for, so mine looks different than the project.  But that's the cool thing about beading and jewelry making, you can do it however you like. So this is my version of the project. I just love it, I have already gotten several compliments on it.  This weekend I may "play" with some ideas that I have brewing that was sparked by this project.  Always, have fun and enjoy.

If you would like to learn how to make this project, contact Beadin' Mon! for class times and availability at 810-720-9200 or visit the website at I would also like to mention that Beadin' Mon! now sells Preciosa Czech Fire-polished glass beads in a variety of colors and sizes on the website, stop by and check it out.

Well, I wish you all a wonderful weekend - practice your loops and as always happy beading.

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