Monday, February 27, 2012

Some Shapes of Beads

Welcome back, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  As I sat and pondered what to write about this week I realized that I have not shared anything about the really fun part of beading.  The Beads themselves. So today I wanted to show you a few different shapes of beads that you can choose from to make your unique creations.

My favorite type of beads are the swarovski crystals, I love how they sparkle and shine. And they have so many colors to choose from, many shades of any color you can think of and they create more every year.  How do they do that?  That seems like it would be a very fun job.

So I don't overwhelm you I will only show you a few shapes today.  These are the ones that I use the most at the moment.

Here is a short description of the bead shape.
Bicone = looks like a diamond or two triangles fused together at the base.
Round = the typical round bead (but much prettier)
Cube = just like it sounds, a symmetrical square
Rivoli = As you can see it looks round from the front, but the profile consists of points at the center  
   (one on each side) that come out a little bit.  I'll try to get a better image for you sometime.
And some other fun shapes like the heart, saucer, teardrop and star are also available.

This is just a small sampling of the many different shapes available for your creating pleasure.  If you would like to see more great crystal shapes to play with stop by Beadin' Mon! or visit our website at and browse around.  Hope you enjoy crystals as much as I do.  I hope to see you wednesday and as always happy beading.

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