Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Different Types of Beads

Monday I showed you some different shapes of crystal beads. Today I wanted to show you some other types of beads available.  These can be just as fun as the crystals.  We live in a time when we can get ingredients for our creations made from nearly anything.

I have seen beads made from bone, porcelain, metal, seeds, precious stones and you name it, it's probably been made into a bead.  You can even create your own beads from glass or clay.  Or you can take several beads and make a beaded bead.  I know that sounds weird, but these are really cool.  I have seen several different ones made up and I just love how a bunch of small beads can come together to create something so beautiful.

Here is a selection of different beads from my stash.  It includes natural stones like quartz, agate and wood and also man made pearls, and beads of metal, glass, porcelain and plastic.  I thought I had a clay bead or two around but I couldn't locate them at this time.  Hmmmm, where in my stash could they be?

I like to pick my stones by what I like. Each one of these beads touched me somehow. Some might feel nice to the touch, with others it was the color that caught my eye and still others were just funky and cool.  I know eventually each and everyone will have its opportunity to be part of something special.

Like on Monday, I have to say that there are so many types of beads that I can't list or show them all.  But I do know that Beadin' Mon! has a variety for you to pick and choose from so stop by and browse the selection.  You can also visit the website at where we now have some beads for sale to be shipped directly to your door, ahhh - bead delivery, better than pizza.  Join me on Friday for another entry and until then happy beading.

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