Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wire for Jewelry Making

In the photo above is a variety of crafting wire used for Jewelry making, It comes in a variety of thicknesses called gauges. And it can also come in a variety of metals.  As you can see I have gold, silver, bronze and copper.  I have been using the silver and gold the most.  There are more pure metal wire such as sterling silver that you can purchase, but they can be quite costly. So the trend at Beadin' Mon  as the moment is to use crafting wire.  It has a number of benefits.   It's readily available, inexpensive, easy to work with and non-tarnishing.

You will probably use many different gauges throughout your jewelry making career.  The thing to know concerning the size of wire is the larger the number the smaller the diameter of the wire.  For example, when I make a ring or earring I like to use 20 or 24 gauge whereas when I make a cuff bracelet I probably would want to use about a 16 gauge wire.  

Pick up the wire you desire at Beadin' Mon in Flint, MI or visit the website at  Like I mentioned at the beginning, there is many sizes and metals to choose from.  Also be sure to check out the many classes offered demonstrating many of the different techniques.  Don't see what your looking for? Make a suggestion and it may become a future class.  Happy beading and see you all on Friday. 

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