Friday, February 24, 2012

Wire Bracelet

The project I wanted to show you this week is a bracelet that I made during a class at Beadin' Mon.  Classes are always fun and I love to meet people.  The cool thing about go to a class is that we may be all using the same pattern for a technique, but each artists' bracelet turns out differently.  I like seeing all the different versions.

So here is mine.  I used Silver Crafting Wire, a bigger gauge for the base of the bracelet and the smaller gauge to attach the beads.  I mixed metals and added copper beads to the turquoise and black beads.

If you like this project and would love to learn how to make your own unique bracelet, stop by Beadin' Mon and check out the lastest classes.  As I mentioned wednesday, if you don't see what your looking for make a request and it may end up as an upcoming class.  And feel free to browse the website at

I know what I'm doing this weekend -- working with wire. :)
Have a great weekend and as always, happy beading.

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