Friday, March 2, 2012

Beads of a Necklace

This week I wanted to focus on beads in general, but I realized that I didn't mention seed beads.   Seed beads are the tiny little beads that you use to sew together in patterns to make gorgeous designs.  I will touch on these in upcoming posts. These little guys may seem insignificant, but when grouped together they can make beautiful things.  See the beaded bead in my photo below, the seed beads are the little gold beads that encircle the bigger burgundy beads.

I am going to show you a necklace that I made for my sister in law for her birthday.  She loves natural stones like jasper and turquoise.  I found this turquoise pendant and instantly thought of her. Plus, I had also learned how to make a beaded bead. So like any kid with a new toy I set out to make a new creation and this is what I came up with.

Using the turquoise pendant as my starting point, I played off of the golden flecks that I saw in the pendant.  I then chose the warm burgundy stones to compliment the cool color tones of the turquoise.  I sprinkled the turquoise color throughout the necklace to keep your eye moving down the necklace.  I used three types of jasper.  Sorry I don't know their names right off, still learning my stones (there is so many different kinds).  The more you work with something the better you get to know it.  And I used different sizes to help create interest.  And because I love sparkle, I had to add a little in using a few golden colored swarovski crystals.  I also used a few gold spacer beads to play off of the crystals and a gold clasp that reminded me of the sunset.

I hope you liked my creation as much as my sister in law. I had fun designing and making it. I mentioned I like to try new things, but every now and then I return to my good friend of jewelry making, good ol' standby stringing.

I got all my beading supplies for this project from Beadin' Mon!  They have a variety of beads and supplies for you to pick and choose from so stop by and browse the selection.  If you are unable to get to the store, try our website at  There is so much to see, classes that are being offered, tips and now we even sell some beads and they can be shipped directly to you.  How great is that?

Have a fabulous weekend and until Monday, happy beading!

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