Monday, March 12, 2012

NEW Craft Wire

If you love to work with sterling silver but had to put it on hold due to the cost of silver, then check this out!  I just found out today that there is craft wire that looks just like that of square and half round sterling silver wire.  How cool it that? Now you can have the look of silver without the cost AND it doesn't tarnish, even better.

Beadin' Mon! even has a class all ready to go using these great products.  
Its called Centerline Crystals. Isn't it pretty?  

You can make this beauty, this week.  Thursday to be exact.  Join our class at Beadin' Mon! and learn how to work with the wire, giving it sparkle and shine. Call our store at 810-720-9200 to get details and sign up.  Pictures don't do the project justice, so if you can, stop by the shop to view them in person. You will fall in love. And there are many more projects to choose from too, from stitching to stringing to wire working. Or stop in, even if you just need a few supplies. We are always happy to help. And as always, browse our website, now with online shopping, at

I am so excited, now I can return to my "silver" wire working again. Join me again on Wednesday to chat some more about beading and jewelry making, until then happy beading.

Please note that our projects are copyrighted.

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