Monday, March 19, 2012

Going to the Opera?

So far I have showed you what a Princess and Matinee length necklace looks like.  Here is the another length of necklace that I have made.  It is much longer, and I know many people who like this length.

This length is called opera.  I am wondering how these lengths get their names.  I am guessing, because at one time it was popular to wear them to the opera? Hmmm and guess what? After a little research, I found that this length of necklace was most popular at one time to wear to formal events. Which answers my question about its name.

Now that I satisfied my curiosity, the opera necklaces range between 28" to 32" in length. I like that with this length you have versatility.  You can wear it long, or you can wrap it around your neck a couple times to make it look like a double strand choker, princess or matinee necklace.  I have done this and I love being able to wear it in different ways.  Makes me feel like I have two necklaces for the price of one.

This is one that I made when I first started beading with some beads that I had lying around.  These beads are made of glass, but I can envision one being made from gemstones or crystals. How pretty would that be? I can see them now.

In fact, stop by Beadin' Mon! today to pick up supplies to make your own opera style necklace.  There are plenty of pretty beads to choose from or stop by our online store at  Wouldn't you love to get beads in the mail?  Well, hope to see you next time, but until then, happy beading!

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