Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Before learning about jewelry design, I had no idea that there were so many classifications to lengths of necklaces. To me they were short and long.  :) Today I wanted to  show you what a matinee length looks like.  According to all the beading books and internet sources I looked at, matinee length is about 20" to 24" long.

But the curiosity got a hold of me. So, I looked up the meaning of "Matinee" and according to my computers dictionary, it comes from the french word meaning "morning".  Okay, that didn't help.  So then I searched the internet for the origin of this necklace length.  The only thing that I found was a lot of reference to strings of pearls. Which apparently this length of necklace was most commonly used.  I don't think that still goes for today's standards though, but you never know I could be wrong. :)

Looking around to see if I had a necklace with this qualification, I started measuring.  I think this is a matinee length project, the necklace itself is about 22" in length. According to my research, you don't include the pendant in the length.  But I will check into that some more and let you know for sure.

Here is a photo of my necklace.  This project includes gemstones, silver findings, project leftovers and a lot of reclaimed beads that friends gave me from broken necklaces, watches, etc.  Little treasures find their way to you when people know you make jewelry.  So very fun, you never know what kind of goodies will come your way.  And this is what I made.

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