Monday, March 5, 2012


Welcome to another week of beading. Clasps, they have a pretty important job. They keep all our pretty beads in place around our necks, wrists, ankles and any other way you can think of to use clasps.

There are many kinds of clasps for you to choose from and in many different metals to meet your every need. Clasps can be plain functional or they can part of the design.  It all depends on what you are wanting to create. I have a few here that are simple and do the job, and others have that complete the theme of the project like the Heart Toggle Clasp below.  There are so many designs to choose from.  Here is a small sampling of the types of clasps that are available.

Here is the types of clasps that you see:
A:  Toggle - The bar portion is inserted through the part the has an opening.
B:  Lobster Claw -  Pull the lever to open the arm on the clasp, very common.
C:  Box -  Pinch the insert to slide out of the box.
D:  Slide Lock - "Slide" the two parts apart or pull one end away from the other to open.
         This one is available to have many strands on them, I have a 2 strand and 3 strand shown.
E:  Button: The circle portion is snapped over top of the ball portion. 

I also use magnetic clasps in some of my projects too.  Unfortunately I couldn't locate one that wasn't attached to a project. 

Stop by Beadin' Mon! to see the selection that we carry and pick up your favorites.  Or stop by our website to check out our classes and the beads we now sell online at  Thanks for stopping by and see you on Wednesday.  Until then, happy beading.

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