Friday, March 9, 2012

What are we designing?

Hello again, I have been sharing some projects that I have done and some tips too.  But I got to thinking, what are we designing?  When I learn a new technique I am usually making bracelets.  So as you can image, I have a lot of bracelets.

But, What if you would like to make a necklace.  There are a lot of decisions to this.  How long do you want to make it? What technique do you want to use?  What color combinations?  Is it casual or dressy?  And the list of questions keeps going.

I have made a few necklaces. I usually wear what is called an princess length necklace. This means it is between 17-19" long (I usually make mine 18" long, that's just what I am comfortable with).  It is one step down from a choker, which is tight to the neck.  That is another great thing about making jewelry, you can make it to the size you like.

I didn't have a regular jewelry display that I felt properly showed the length of the necklace.  Then I remembered I had my mom's dress form, which shows the length pretty good.

This is a necklace that I made with the focal being this beaded ball in the center.  I like symmetry, which means it's the same on both sides, so I have matching crystals and seed beads making up the necklace portion of the piece.  I mostly wear this in the summer, because I feel like its light and airy, and the colors remind me of the ocean with the white foam on the water.  Ahhh, can't wait for it to be warm.

Anyway, if you like the beaded ball above, I made it in a class at Beadin' Mon! located in Flint, Michigan or visit our website at Be sure to check out (and sign up for) all the wonderful and beautiful things to make in their classes.  As always, if you don't see what you are looking for, make a suggestion and it may end up in the class section soon. And don't forget to shop our new online store, what could be better than beads by mail (that is other than being in the store)?  :)  Hope you have a marvelous weekend, don't forget to spring ahead (time change) and hope to see you on Monday.  Happy beading.

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